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Reaching Way Back Into the Archives for This One . . .


I just realized that yesterday was the six-year anniversary of the Kerry Spot, the first blog I did for NRO.

One of my posts from that very first day was on the rumor that Richard Holbrooke was the front-runner to be Secretary of State in a Kerry administration. I quoted an article from Michael Kelly’s Things Worth Fighting For:

Holbrooke as Secretary would mean that The New York Times would run every day a story detailing how, in the words of an unnamed senior administration official, everyone in the administration except Secretary Holbrooke was an utter buffoon.

Ha-ha! Boy, here we are, six years later, and we can laugh about that scenario coming to pass . . .

Richard Holbrooke. Obama’s point man for Afghanistan and Pakistan got off to a high-profile start, only to find his public role diminished over time. A heated confrontation with Hamid Karzai left Holbrooke unable to deal with the Afghan president, and John Kerry had to take over negotiations following Afghanistan’s fraud-ridden election. A huge New Yorker profile didn’t help, giving purchase to complaints among some Obama loyalists — who recall Holbrooke’s devout support for Hillary Clinton in 2008 — that the diplomat is too egocentric.

The Kerry Spot, ahead of the curve by five years and change.

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