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Okay, Perhaps Poizner’s Internal Polls Aren’t That Outlandish


Back on May 6, I was ready to make fun of the campaign of California Republican gubernatorial candidate Steve Poizner after they released an internal poll showing their man only down 10 to Meg Whitman. The previous polls put Whitman up by 22, by 31, and by 28.

I declared, “sometimes a campaign showcases results that are really, really surprising . . . Maybe Poizner will shock the world and complete one of the greatest comebacks in political history. But if they don’t, and if it’s not close, we’re going to look at this poll and laugh at them.”

Well, to the Poizner campaign’s credit, the race has clearly tightened. Just how much depends on who you ask. SurveyUSA had Whitman’s lead dropping from 22 percentage points to 2 points in a few weeks; an Orange County pollster put Whitman up 17, and today the PPIC poll puts Whitman up 9.

Whitman’s guy Mike Murphy tweets, “Others from last 4-5 days show double that lead or better.” We’ll see.

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