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I Said He Could Djou This, and He Did It!


In a unique set of circumstances — two major Democrats on the ballot, and only one Republican — the GOP’s Charles Djou wins the special House election in Hawaii’s 1st congressional district. It is not a surprise, but I am sure, to many Republicans, it is a relief and a welcome bit of good news.

(R) Charles Djou: 67,610 votes, 39.4 percent

(D) Colleen Hanabusa, 52,802 votes, 30.8 percent

(D) Ed Case 47,391 votes, 27.6 percent

National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) chairman Pete Sessions (R., Tex.) issued the following statement:

I congratulate Charles Djou for his victory and a successful campaign based on the widely-shared values of cutting spending, shrinking government and creating real, permanent American jobs. I have no doubt that Hawaii families will be well-represented in Congress as he joins our fight to return common sense economic policies and fiscal sanity to Washington.

Eighteen months ago, President Obama carried this district with seventy percent of the vote, which makes Charles Djou’s victory an impressive one. Tonight, the voters of Hawaii reaffirmed that middle class families are looking for fresh, new leaders who will take this country in a new direction and serve as a check and balance to Washington Democrats’ reckless and unpopular policies of deficit spending, higher taxes and fewer jobs. Charles Djou’s victory not only changes the makeup of the House of Representatives, but it helps Republicans move one step closer toward winning back the majority in November. Both Charles and his wife Stacey worked tirelessly in this campaign and tonight it paid off.

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Chairman Steele and the Republican National Committee for the money and manpower they provided in this winning effort. I am grateful for all that he and his team have done to help ensure that 2010 is a successful year for the Republican Party and the entire slate of candidates running across the country.

One of my guys on the ground looks at the preliminary numbers on the ground and concludes:

Likely rematch in Nov between Djou and Hanabusa. I don’t think Case can beat her one-on-one, and the fact that she rallied to beat him in the late balloting when the early polls had him up over her, shows he won’t be able to beat her in August. But, between the two, I think Djou would like to have Hanabusa as his opponent rather than Case.  She’s got baggage, and she’s completely tied to the Dem. machine. Independents are more likely to go for Djou with her as his opponent, than they would be if Case was an option.  I think among Case’s 27.6% are a ton of independents. The minor candidates got less than 3% total — good news for Hanabusa since it shows that Djou is going to have to mine Case’s voters for most of the 11% more he’ll need in Nov., and the biggest portion of those voters are Democrats.

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