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Who Applauded Calderon?


The Republican party of Virginia wants to know if two local Democrats were among those applauding Mexican president Felipe Calderón:

“There was a disturbing scene in the House of Representatives last week,” [Republican Party of Virginia chairman Pat] Mullins said. “During a speech to a joint session of Congress, Mexican President Calderón called for the U.S. to reinstate a ban on common sporting weapons to help fix his country’s problems with drug violence.”

“That might have been inappropriate, but it wasn’t the worst part. Instead of sitting silently as a foreign leader called for restrictions on basic Constitutional rights, Democrats gave Calderón a standing ovation,” Mullins said.

“Voters in the 5th and 9th Districts need to know if Democrat Reps. Rick Boucher and Tom Perriello were among the hundreds of Democrats who leaped to their feet to applaud gun control while a leader from a foreign nation scolded the American people for upholding the rights secured to us by our Constitution,” he said. 

They’ve made web ads dealing with the applause here.

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