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How Did Richard Blumenthal Not End Up Making a Trip to Haiti?


Back in January, when Haiti was enduring the immediate crisis of the earthquake, former president Bill Clinton — i.e., the United Nations’ special envoy to Haiti — took time to head up to Massachusetts and appear at a rally for Martha Coakley; he told NRO’s Bob Costa that the aims of helping Coakley and helping Haiti were not mutually exclusive.

Now that everyone has questions about his role in the job offer to Sestak, Bill Clinton is off to Haiti and the Dominican Republic:

On Tuesday, June 1, President Clinton will travel to Haiti and visit Léogâne, where he will meet with UN Cluster Heads, UN agencies and community leaders.  He will then tour a temporary housing site.   Both are open to the press.

President Clinton will then travel to the Dominican Republic where he and Haitian Prime Minister, Jean Max Bellerive, will brief board representatives — including donors and Haitians — of the Interim Haiti Reconstruction Commission (IHRC). There will be a spray at the top.

On Wednesday, June 2, he will address the summit on Haiti, “Solidarity beyond the Crisis,” in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. His remarks are open press.

Great timing. Look, it’s not like every southern Democrat runs to Haiti when the public thinks they’ve caught them in a lie . . .

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