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Culture of Corruption, Part Forty-Two


We have re-established the aristocracy in this country, and our police are the loyal servants of that class:

Del. Jon S. Cardin not only planned an August night to remember for his girlfriend that featured a mock police raid and marriage proposal. He also invited Gov. Martin O’Malley to make a surprise appearance afterward to congratulate the couple.

As it turned out, O’Malley had a prior engagement and wasn’t able to meet the couple that fateful night. That saved the governor from becoming embroiled in a scandal stemming from Cardin’s enlistment of Baltimore police resources and on-duty officers to stage his proposal on a boat in the Inner Harbor…

Cardin, a Baltimore County Democrat and nephew of U.S. Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin, has repeatedly apologized since the Aug. 7 incident. He reimbursed the Police Department $300 for its role in the 13-minute affair, an amount that officials said covered fuel and salary costs for the police helicopter and marine unit. He also made a donation to the department’s horse unit.

Once you’re a member of this new aristocracy, there’s no one around you to say, “why the hell would you want a police helicopter at your proposal?”

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