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A Wish List Is Not a Plan


In Virginia, Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell is now up with television ads that use the reporting and assessments of the Washington Post (heh) to rip Democrat Creigh Deeds for not having any details in his transportation plan, or, for that matter, anything that could be called a plan.

The Deeds campaign seems sufficiently concerned to have the candidate write an op-ed, published in the Post, entitled, “My Transportation Plan.”

With that title, you might expect it to include . . . you know, an actual plan. After several paragraphs about how important the issue is, and how many challenges the state faces, and all the goals he wants to accomplish, Deeds writes:

The day after I’m elected, I will begin assembling a bipartisan commission to craft a comprehensive transportation package. Like Gov. Baliles did, I will appoint Republicans, Democrats and independents along with private-sector leaders and transportation experts. The commission would begin work in December and issue its report early next year.

In other words, he will wait until a bipartisan commission tells him what to do. Virginia voters are not allowed to know what he’s actually going to do; they have to wait until this unelected commission comes up with their ideas and hope for the best.

Creigh Deeds for Governor: A Faith-Based Initiative.

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