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It Looks Like This ‘Expiration Date’ Stuff Is Contagious


Joe Biden, speaking at last year’s Democratic convention:

“Should we trust Barack Obama, who more than a year ago called for sending two additional combat brigades to Afghanistan? The fact is, al-Qaida and the Taliban — the people who actually attacked us on 9/11 — have regrouped in those mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan and are plotting new attacks. And the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff echoed Barack’s call for more troops.”

Joe Biden, today:

Among the alternatives being presented to Mr. Obama is Mr. Biden’s suggestion to revamp the strategy altogether. Instead of increasing troops, officials said, Mr. Biden proposed scaling back the overall American military presence. Rather than trying to protect the Afghan population from the Taliban, American forces would concentrate on strikes against Qaeda cells, primarily in Pakistan, using special forces, Predator missile attacks and other surgical tactics.

Roughly a year after citing the Pentagon’s request for more troops in his criticism of President Bush and John McCain, Biden is urging that Obama ignore General McChrystal’s request for more troops.

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