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It Takes More Than Throwing Tea Into Boston Harbor


This Fourth of July, a lot of grassroots activists will be holding their second round of tea parties — 612 at last count. If you attend one this weekend, go, enjoy yourself, get fired up, take reassurance and confidence that you’re not alone. But if I may make a recommendation, try to walk away with something of a plan. As Glenn and I have noted, chanting and waving signs are great, but if you really want to influence the way government works, you have to put yourself in front of the folks who make the decisions. And those at the lowest levels — city and town councils, mayors, county boards, members of Congress — are rarely used to crowds of people passionately making the case for spending less money.

Hopefully, Tea Partiers this weekend will come away with plans to attend city-council meetings, Congress members’ meet-and-greets, their town-hall meetings with constituents. Don’t be rude, but be firm.

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