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“I just didn’t get around to doing it.”


Another interesting and easily overlooked detail in the career of potential Illinois senator Roland Burris, from the pages of Politically Correct Guns, by Alan Gottlieb, Merril Press, 1996:

Illinois Attorney General Roland Burris was a major promoter of the 1993 Gun Turn-In Day in Chicago.

He was also a candidate for nomination as Governor of Illinois in 1994.

Then the Chicago Tribune caught him with his handgun still at home.

The Trib ran a story noting that while Attorney General Burris persuaded others to turn in their guns, he had somehow failed to persuade himself to do likewise.

When asked why he didn’t turn in his own gun, Burris told members of the Tribune’s editorial board: “I just didn’t get around to doing it.”

Between Roland and Plaxico, guns just seem to be trouble for guys named Burris, it seems.

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