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Steele: Why Are We Meeting Twice in January?


Michael Steele, candidate for RNC chair, offers his own idea for some fiscal restraint — hold one meeting in January instead of two:

December 29th, 2008

Dear Chairman Duncan,

It was good speaking to you last night about the RNC Special Meeting.

As we discussed on the phone, I believe we should hold the RNC Special Meeting on January 6th. I would like to propose a single RNC Special Member meeting on January 6th as opposed to two different Member meetings. We should encourage meetings that include all RNC Members and many of the Members have already made flight and hotel arrangements.

I would also like to propose we have a similar meeting Members Only with RNC Chairman Candidates during the RNC Winter Meeting. Many Members can not and should not be expected to make two trips to Washington one month. Every Member deserves a chance to hear from the Candidates and to also voice their opinion on the direction of our Party.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


Michael Steele

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