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One Daily News Columnist Named Michael Giveth; Another Taketh Away


Could be some interesting editorial meetings at the New York Daily News in the coming days:

Columnist Michael Daly, December 15: “Among the books on her shelves are those she wrote and edited; worthy, serious efforts. ‘Profiles in Courage for Our Time’ is a collection she compiled and edited in 2002. I wrote the one on the peacemakers in Northern Ireland and can assure you she is hardworking, disciplined and smart, yet grounded in common sense. Her other books prove she has a keen understanding of the law, a love of poetry and a vibrant patriotism. Her work for the city Education Department proves she grasps the importance of schooling.”

Columnist Michael Goodwin, December 28: “The wheels of the bandwagon are coming off. Fantasy is giving way to inescapable truth. That truth is that Kennedy is not ready for the job and doesn’t deserve it. Somebody who loves her should tell her. Her quest is becoming a cringe-inducing experience, as painful to watch as it must be to endure. Because she is the only survivor of that dreamy time nearly 50 years ago, she remains an iconic figure. But in the last few days, her mini-campaign has proved she has little to offer New Yorkers except her name.”

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