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A Skeptic on Obama-Strickland


Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, previously a big Hillary backer, endorsed Obama yesterday, and that seems likely to generate a bit of ticket buzz.

If Obama does pick Strickland, attempting to secure the Buckeye state, expect to see the RNC showcasing this comment from the governor not too long ago:

Strickland Suggested Obama Was More Suited For American Idol. “…Ohioans should vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton because the March 4 primary is not about selecting the ‘next American idol,’ Strickland told reporters in Washington today, where he is attending the National Governors Association winter meeting.” (Jonathan Riskind, “Strickland: Pick a President, Not an American Idol,” Columbus Dispatch, 2/25/08)

While that doesn’t completely rule out Strickland as a choice, it certainly would make for easy mocking attack-ad fodder.

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