About WFB

William F. Buckley Jr. founded National Review magazine in 1955. He was the author of more than 40 books, and was the host for more than 30 years of the television show “Firing Line.” His newspaper column, “On the Right,” was syndicated to more than 300 newspapers.

Buckley received a B.A. with honors (political science, economics, and history) from Yale University in 1950. In 1965 he ran for mayor of New York City and received 13.4% of the vote on the Conservative party ticket. He received numerous and diverse awards, including Best Columnist of the Year, 1967; Television Emmy for Outstanding Achievement, 1969; The American Book Award for Best Mystery (paperback) for Stained Glass, 1980; the Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Award, 1989; the Presidential Medal of Freedom, 1991; the Adam Smith Award, Hillsdale College, 1996; and the Heritage Foundation’s Clare Boothe Luce Award, 1999.

Buckley married Patricia Taylor of Vancouver, B.C., in 1950. Together they had one child, Christopher Taylor Buckley.