First Monday Coffee Break

Hosted by National Review and the Pacific Legal Foundation

In many of the Supreme Court's recent terms, the most explosive cases were argued in the second half, including some granted certiorari as late as January. Prior to its September 29, 2014, mega-conference, the Court placed 39 cases on its 2014 Term calendar. Among them are several of national importance, but as in prior years, many cases not yet granted are likely to be more significant. Our distinguished panel of experts reviewed the most promising certiorari petitions and lower-court decisions that are likely to generate such petitions in the next two months, including the Affordable Care Act tax-subsidies cases, post-Hobby Lobby contraceptive-mandate cases, other structural challenges to the Affordable Care Act, a possible return of the Fisher v. Univ. of Texas racial preference in admissions case, several interesting First Amendment cases (both religious-liberty and speech varieties), and challenges to disparate-impact applications of federal housing law.

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Lisa S. Blatt Chair, Arnold & Porter LLP's Supreme Court Practice

John P. Elwood Partner, Vinson & Elkins' Appellate Practice Group and Supreme Court blogger

James S. Burling Director of Litigation, Pacific Legal Foundation

Greg Stohr  Moderator; Supreme Court Correspondent for Bloomberg News / BusinessWeek