Now This Is French I Can Understand

by Jack Fowler

Our good friend David French has written a wonderful appeal for National Review’s annual end-of-year webathon. Please check it out and follow DF’s sound advice.

Some folks have, by the way. I’m thrilled to share their kind sentiments that have accompanied their generosity. For example:

Donald H puts $60 in the NR collection basket along with this explanation: “I can at least give a dollar for each of your years. And this year I am tipping my fedora to Mr. Nordlinger, who consistently offers some of your best writing. Though I’m keeping a close eye on that French fellow.” Your instincts are perfect, Don!

With his very kind $250 comes this novella of inspiring praise from John B: “Please keep up the critical fight, always–and always with your exemplary emphasis on principle, reason, evidence/fact, intelligence, passion, and wit. Those are what separate the true classical liberals (conservatives) from the crowd that, wittingly or not (probably wittingly), will usher in the permanent disfiguration of the American experiment. Which will really tick me off, because among other reasons my four kids and other family should all get that wonderful opportunity too (like all Americans). Also, the writing’s always crisp and trenchant, i.e., terrific, as are the many new talented additions to the NR team (French, Timpf, Williamson, etc). Not to mention funny and even hilarious at times (which is especially needed now, at times). God Bless, JB” Back at you, Johnny!

Lori H doesn’t mince words with her $25 contribution: “This small contribution comes with my apologies for years of freeloading and gratitude for your fine and important work!” Better late than never, amiga.

And then there’s Kathleen C’s dead-on, short-n’-sweet comment that attends a generous General Grant: “The world needs NR desperately.”

Ain’t that the truth. If on this special weekend you are feeling a little extra thankful for NR, then please help us. You can donate here