Cheney Victory

by Shannen W. Coffin

That’s finally laid to rest after more than three years of litigation. What the
U.S. Court of Appeals today decided is that the Sierra Club and Judicial Watch
(plus the entire MSM) were simply wrong to suggest that the President
and Vice President had any obligation to disclose the inner workings of
the National Energy Policy Development Group. In its decision today in
In re Cheney, the entire D.C. Circuit concluded that “severe
separation-of-powers” problems prevented the court from applying the
Federal Advisory Committee Act to require the Vice President to disclose
the details of his meetings within and without the government in
formulating the President’s 2001 National Energy Policy (still not
enacted into law, by the way). This was a case that a host of highly
talented government lawyers sweated blood for over a period of three
years and did a marvelous job. From the outset, it was a specious
lawsuit brought for political purposes, and it finally dies a well
deserved death.

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