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Jonah doesn’t have Tivo, neither does K-Lo (from the sound of things), Derb doesn’t sound like a big TiVo guy. Come on, people! It’s the 21st-frickin’-century! Jonah, you have a child! You have a responsibility to time-shift Spongebob and fast forward through the commercials! Do you know how many episodes of Dora the Explorer a good TiVo can hold? All of them!

This is what’s leading to America down the road to… someplace where people don’t watch as much TV, and my pay gets cut!

And Jonah, if you do go flat-screen, and therefore more than likely high-def, many of the cable companies have high-def boxes with high-def DVRs (the generic of TiVo) built-in. You don’t buy it, it’s just a fee on your cable bill, and another reason cable is better than satellite. (No emails, please, I win, end of argument.)

Do it for the children.


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