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I made an error in Monday’s article on the Iranian elections. Several astute writers pointed out that it was virtually impossible that two million Shi’ites from Pakistan had been bused into Iran to vote–the line of buses would have been longer than the Great Wall of China! I think that I messed it up myself, for when I called the person who had relayed this information to me, he, too, laughed at my formulation and said “no, it wasn’t two million people, it was two million counterfeit identity papers, manufactured in Pakistan and then smuggled into Iran so that people could vote many times, in several polling locations.”

So I apologize to my source and to all of you, I note with continuing regret that senior moments are more frequent than in the past, and I thank my many sharp-eyed readers for making me go back and get it right.

Hey Lopez, maybe we should pay these guys the going rates for copy-editing? Only kidding…


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