Derb + Hill

by Richard Brookhiser

Let me join John in Coventry by saying that I have similar thoughts, which I have mostly saved for the New York Observer, though I did utter them in WFB’s living room before a group of NR’s supporters.

The questions before the house would be: 1) Could President Hillary’s will to power be harnessed to the national good? Perhaps–victors have to consider their reputations, and their prospects for reelection, which, in some cases, might be enhanced by toughness. 2) Assuming President Hillary had the right attitude, would she have the right instincts? the right advisers? She has been talking a tough line on Iraq, but it amounts to saying we need , oh, twice as many troops there. Is that right? (I wouild say no). How bad is it to be wrong?
If the choice were Hillary v. Hagel, I would be tempted to vote for Hillary, even apart from my ideologue’s desire to punish a bad Republican. This is a bogus choice, since Michael Jackson has as much chance of being the GOP nominee as Hagel. But…

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