Friday, Friday

by John O'Sullivan

I think that I am one of the strongest critics of the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland, but it did not amount to a victory for the IRA. What the IRA wanted was a united Ireland under its leadership. What they have got is a divided Ireland where the North will be governed either by an administration headed by the Rev. Ian Paisley or by direct rule from London. Believe me, Derb, Gerry Adams wanted neither of those things. Of course, Adams, McGuinness and the other IRA murderers should be either in prison or been hanged long ago. It’s also shameful that a British minister (admittedly the appalling Peter Hain who entered politics by breaking the law) should have recently praised them as “visionary.” But the fact is that the Brits have remained in Northern Ireland because the majority of the population wants to remain British. We were not bombed out. And we will remain there as long as the majority wishes. Terrorism did not win in Ulster, but it is being indulged there. But what did you expect? We have a Labor government which, even under Blair, has the usual instincts of the Left.

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