Derb’s Strong Point

by John O'Sullivan

Public opinion was equally strong but–and here Derb has a strong point–somewhat complicated. As I recall it, the initial mood was gloomy. The long post-imperial retreat had disappointed so many patriotic hopes so many times that it seemed too much to hope that this time we would really fight. A mood of self-disgust and cynical self-mockery was the result. Underneath this self-mockery, people feared that we would strike defiant attitudes and then accept the fait accompli. (It was in fact a very Derb-like mood.) But the Falklands was a surrender too far. And in two days people made it clear to the politicians that we had to fight and win this battle. Again, this suited Mrs. T. fine–throughout the crisis, as Derb says, she and most ordinary Brits closely reflected each other’s moods.

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