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U.K. Roundup


Irwin Stelzer’s “Letter from Londonistan” is must reading. As Stelzer makes clear, Britain is going to have to do much more than merely resist appeasement if it wants to win this battle. Without big changes, Blair’s liberal-multiculturalism may soon vitiate his hawkishness.

Stelzer’s being read in Britain, as this piece by Alec Russell in the Telegraph indicates. It may be easier for the British to raise certain issues by pointing to American voices than by speaking directly themselves.

Meanwhile, Philip Webster at the London Times reports on a move by a group of Conservative MP’s to do something radical–make the Conservative Party conservative. Who knows whether this will succeed, but the piece shows just how profoundly the traditional British national idea has been abandoned up to now, by even the Tories.

Here’s Pete Dupont on the big picture in Europe.

This is a hinge moment for Britain and the West. Long-held views, policies, alignments are coming into question and will almost surely break in new directions. The outcome is uncertain. Stay tuned.