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Whether Britain will appease the terrorists is only one of the questions raised by 7/7. We also want to know whether Britain will strengthen it’s national identity and reign in the excesses of multiculturalism. The ability and willingness of Britain’s Muslim community to root out the terrorists within is a third critical question. Some polling now sheds light on the first two issues.

Peter Riddell reports in the Times of London that the British are strongly backing Tony Blair and his refusal to appease the terrorists. Yet the same poll shows that, by a 53 to 38 percent majority, the British do not think the bombings show that multiculturalism has gone too far. Now maybe that 38 percent is a lot bigger number than we would have seen before 7/7. But it certainly isn’t a majority.

Meanwhile, Anthony King reports for the Telegraph on a poll about British national identity. While the poll is in many ways encouraging, it shows that the Blair era rejection of “old Britain” is still very much in play. Put these polls together, and Tony Blair is the big winner. Trouble is, the cultural liberalism Blair brought to Britain may make it tough to solve the terrorism problem. That’s what Irwin Stelzer shows in his powerful “Letter from Londonistan.”

And what about the third question–the ability and willingness of Britain’s Muslim community to reign in the terrorists? We’ve already had a poll indicating that up to 100,000 British Muslims may feel that the bombings were justified. Recall that just after the attacks, there was talk of a huge March by British Muslims to protest the terror. The march was supposed to take place in a number of British cities and involve hundreds of thousands of British Muslims. Well, where is the march? Where are the plans for the march? They are nowhere to be seen.


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