Re: Anwr

by Steven F. Hayward

Jonah wants me to stop playing hookie and weigh in on the status an ANWR. I’m trying to get a book written, Jonah! Cornering, as you should know, interferes with this in a big way.

Anyway, I make a point of ignoring the daily wiggles of the energy bill (or almost any large bill on Congress for that matter) on the grounds that life is too short. The larger the bill, the more nonsense subsidies it is bound to include. I believe your last correspondent is correct that ANWR was moved to the budget bill to get around the filibuster, but is the budget bill actually going to be adopted as written, or are we going to get CR resolutions instead, which would likely strip out ANWR? And even if ANWR passes with the budget watch for lawsuits for several years to slow the thing down. The ANWR game won’t be over until the first test well is drilled. I expect we’ll see volcano lancing before oil production from ANWR.

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