The Mind of The Left

by Mackubin Thomas Owens

This e-mail tells you all you need to know about what has become of the
Left in North America.



August 11, 2005.

Dear Mr. Owens;

You write, “It is hard to conduct military operations when a chorus
of eunachs is describing every action we take as a violation of
everything that America stands for, a quagmire in which we are doomed to
failure, and a waste of American lives.”

But Mr. Owens, I believe that those three beliefs are true. On what grounds can I be barred from speaking them in public? Because speaking
them will undermine American goals in Iraq? Bless you, sir, that’s what
I want to do in the first place. I am confident that U.S. forces will
be driven from Iraq, and for that reason I am rather enjoying the war.

But doesn’t hoping that American forces are driven from Iraq
necessarily mean hoping that Americans soldiers will be killed there?
Yes it does.

Your soldiers are just a bunch of poor, dumb suckers that have been
swindled out of their right to choose between good and evil. Quite a
few of them are or will be swindled out of their eyes, legs, arms and
lives. I didn’t swindle them. President Bush did. If you’re going to
blame me for cheering their misery, what must you do to President Bush,
whose policies are the cause of that misery?

Yours Sincerely,

[name withheld]

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