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Able Danger Update


Ed Morrissey reports that Shaffer and “the navy officer” are apparently only two of the AD team that briefed the press on datamining etc. Moreover, Weldon went public with full support from Hastert and Hoekstra. Thus the sources seem to be multiple, not just one or two, it’s just that Shaffer is the only one who has abandoned anonymity (perhaps because he’s getting pecked to death by the Pentagon bureaucracy? Having your security clearances suspended because of a perhaps failure to document a few dollars’ worth of phone calls reeks of politics…). Ed calls for the rest of the team to go public. Notice that the usual supporters of ‘whistleblowers’ are not defending Shaffer and the others. And once again, notice that lots of information is slow arriving, and that we do well to proceed cautiously. There is no medal for being wrong first. We still lack lots of knowledge. But it’s clearer and cle arer that the 9/11 Commission wasn’t the final word on this subject.


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