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I agree with almost everything Rich is saying, but this one is too much, I think: “without a deadline and us pushing it, nothing would ever happen in Iraq.” I think the Iraqis by and large have been magnificent, they have certainly exceeded all my expectations. Many of them are leading normal lives, yes, but many are under siege, they have every reason to feel cheated by us (no water, little electricity, not enough roads, etc. etc.), it would have been quite underestandable if they had gone into a rage, and maybe even thrown in with the terrorists. But no, they’ve been brave, they’ve been patient, they have voted and will vote again and again–as Rich’s interlocutor said, that’s key, this constitution is being written by elected representatives. I know there’s lots of corruption there, and a lot of it is our fault, as it has been all along. But I am not inclined to underestimate the Iraqi people. As I say, they’ve been amazing, don’t you think?