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Re: Victory Strategy


Cliff, I haven’t yet read the Krepinevich piece, but David Brooks’ Op-Ed
strikes me as very important. I much admire Secretary Rumsfeld, although
I’ve felt since 9/11 that we’ve underplayed the need for troops. The best
time to expand our armed forces would have been right after 9/11. Even on
an all-volunteer basis, we could have gotten the numbers substantially up
at that time. Then maybe an “oil patch” strategy of occupation could have
been adopted from the start. But to be realistic–and fair to Secretary
Rumsfeld–the left has long been salivating to use military expansion as a
political tool, a few DLC-type Democrats notwithstanding. The
administration tried to finesse our national divisions by making the most
of a military that had been downsized after the Cold War. So the political
division we might have saved from a different occupation strategy would
likely have emerged anyway if we’d significantly expanded the
military. Any way you look at it, post-sixties pacificsm will have its


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