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It’s The Lawyers


Why has nobody blamed the lawyers (I mean, it seems so obvious)?

New Orleans shows how hidebound and slow-moving the bureaucracy is, at all levels, from local through Federal. But the lawyers are always waving their codes, prattling on about the orderly practices we have designed to deal with daily life in this highly civilized society.

But when something like this happens, political leaders should recognize that those rules no longer apply, and that the only way to deal effectively with it is to switch to military codes of conduct.

Ergo, martial law should have been declared, a curfew should have been proclaimed, and armed men and women should have patrolled the streets. With military authority established, it might (only might, human beings screw up all the time) have been possible to have rounded up some of those buses and evacuated more people. It would certainly have been possible to protect the sick, the hospitals, the hospices, the nursing homes.

If you follow my drift…it’s the damn lawyers, as usual…


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