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More On Roberts’S Movies


E-mail from a reader:

First, Roberts’ reference to Dr. Zhivago clearly indicates Roberts’ disagreement with Kelo v. New London—where the high court okayed the taking of private property for “the greater good.” Well, how does Dr. Zhivago portray the taking of Dr. Z’s private home and estate by the Reds?—not very kindly. Remember the scene where the strangers just move in and start ordering him around.

Second, North by Northwest obviously signals Roberts’ reliance on a jurisprudence of original intent—looking to the understanding of the Constitution by the Founding Fathers. Who can forget the closing scenes of N by NW where Cary Grant approaches Mt. Rushmore and his figure is juxtaposed among the great busts of Washington, Jefferson, TR and Lincoln—founding fathers (more or less).

So, in the words of the Father in “Big Fat Greek Wedding,” . . . “there you go.”

P.S. Maybe, Roberts’ favorite movie is really “Princess Bride” but he is afraid that if he mentions it, Biden or Schumer will accuse of him seeking to become “the Dread Pirate . . . Roberts” once he is confirmed.


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