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McCain may vote against these budgets, but he’s a big-spender nonetheless. In fact,he’s a big-government type through and through. His boneheaded embrace of Kyoto would expand the power of the federal bureaucracy over private activity like nothing we’ve seen in recent history. And it will kill jobs and wealth creation, creating even greater pressures for government welfare programs and federal spending. For all his talk about being tough on national security, he has joined the ranks of the environmentalist flat-earth society, opposing drilling even in ANWR, making our military and economy more vulnerable to decisions of foreign oil producing countries. And McCain rejects a primary aspect of Reaganomics, i.e., he has opposed every major tax cut offered by this president. And on immigration, talk is cheap. He’s a Kennedyite who panders to the illegal immigration lobby. I will predict now, for what it’s worth, that he will not be president. And that he’s the only Republican who can lose to Hillary Clinton, should she be nominated by the Democrats. He has simply picked too many fights with the Republican base in his pursuit of liberal praise.


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