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I Got a Dog


Longtime Corner readers might remember my bleg
from two or three years ago for advice on what kind of dog to get, if we got
a dog. Lots of good feedback on that. I suppose I should inform you that we
finally did succumb about three weeks ago, and acquired a personal hound.
She’s a German shepherd pup that my space-mad six-year-old has named,
naturally, “Laika.” Laika’s a beautiful dog, just about the best you could
ask for, I think. Except: she IS a 14-week-old puppy, and that means she has
certain … needs. This is a period of adjustment for the Drehers, and
basically, my life would be a lot simpler and more restful now if I could
control her puppy urges with a judicious application of duct tape. Arf. I
prefer to think of this period as “calibrating my home security system.”


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