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From IraqtheModel:

Jazeera reporter found guilty of terrorism.

Al-Jazeera’s reporter in Spain, Tayseer Alluni has just been sentenced to seven years in jail after a Madrid court found him guilty of joining a terror cell and facilitating money laundry.

This is bad news for Al-jazeera who’s been defending and campaigning to protect their reporter and they obviously failed in eluding justice but the question that we must think about is; was Alluni working on his own using his media credentials as a cover or could it be that Al-jazeera itself is involved?

It seems that twisting facts, biased coverage and supporting the terrorists morally aren’t giving some media networks enough satisfaction so they began to give the terrorists a hand, practically I mean.

This is not the first time where reporters and camera men are found to have connections with terrorists so it is definitely time to start questioning the networks themselves and the people in charge of choosing reporters and sending them t o join terror networks, sorry! I mean to report the truth!

ML: There are currently four fronts in the war against terrorism: Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, and the media.


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