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This from the current (October 10, 2005) issue of America’s premier magazine:

Shortly after Congress approved $62 billion in hurricane-relief spending, House majority leader Tom DeLay told reporters that Congress would have to borrow to pay for it. Apparently, there just isn’t room for spending cuts in our fat-free federal budget. “My answer to those that want to offset the spending is, Sure, bring me the offsets — I’ll be glad to do it.” The citizens of Bozeman, Mont., stepped up first, petitioning their city council to give back $4 million that the recently passed highway bill appropriates for a parking garage in their city. Alaskans came next: The Anchorage Daily News has run numerous letters requesting that $454 million earmarked to build giant bridges to all-but-uninhabited islands be spent on hurricane relief instead. Alaska congressman Don Young, who midwifed those wastes, called that idea “the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.” Would that Washington had more dummies, and fewer Don Youngs.

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