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Here’s My Country


Quite a few folks wrote in about yesterday’s post on the increasingly leftward cultural and political tilt of Country Music Television (CMT). There seems to be a reservoir of anger against CMT among Corner readers that goes back way beyond Neil Young’s Bush-bashing (non-Country) video. This piece from Nashville Skyline, gushing over Young’s video, by Chet Flippo, CMT’s Editorial Director, let’s you know where CMT is coming from.

What I didn’t know, but learned from many Corner readers, is that there is another country music video channel out there. It’s called Great American Country (GAC), and according to the folks I’ve heard from, it is blessedly free of CMT’s increasingly leftward tilt. It even plays religious videos on Sunday morning. GAC apparently picked up the Grand Ole’ Opry after CMT dropped it. My cable company doesn’t carry GAC, but I’m going to give them a call. Apparently it’s at channel 167 on DISH Network and channel 326 on DIRECTV. Does anyone know how many cable providers carry CMT as opposed to GAC, or how many carry both? Any information out there on their relative viewership? Any more comments on the comparative cultural politics of CMT and GAC?