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More Country


I continue to get plenty of responses to my posts from earlier this morning and yesterday about the increasingly leftward tilt of Country Music Television (CMT). So far it’s unanimous. Everyone who’s seen both prefers Great American Country (GAC) to the more left-leaning CMT. As best I can tell, though, GAC is newer and poorer. Their production values aren’t as high as they could be, no doubt because they don’t yet have the resources of Viacom. (Lot’s of anger at the presumed politics of Viacom from readers, by the way.) Some markets clearly carry both channels, but many apparently don’t. Mine doesn’t, but I just called my cable provider and asked them to start carrying GAC. It’s pretty clear that GAC is small but growing, but I’d still like to know more about the comparative ratings and reach of the two channels. A number of readers are saying that CMT Editorial Director Chet Flippo is “an old hippie from the early days of Rolling Stone magazine.” I have no idea if that’s true, but readers are claiming it helps explain his musical and political preferences. Finally, it looks like CMT’s rebroadcasts of The Dukes of Hazard are pulling huge ratings. Maybe that’s made CMT more willing to risk being open about their lefty politics. But in the long term, if Corner readers are to be believed, moving left may lose CMT more viewers than they bargained for. At any rate, I’m hoping my cable company starts carrying GAC.