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So, what do we have here? We have another attempt, by a Democrat front-group (funded largely by George Soros), to smear a thoroughly decent man who harbors no racial prejudice of any kind. We don’t need to split hairs in defense of Bill Bennett. We don’t need to accept the spin that’s used as the basis for the smear by those who seek to destroy him. Nothing Bill Bennett said, when read in full, is racist. Now, the former lead researcher for this Democrat front-group, who was hired by Chuck Schumer to work on his Democrat campaign committee, is now under investigation for illegally securing the credit report of one of the highest ranking African-American public officials in the nation, Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele. The same media that regurgitates David Brock’s poison barely noticed. Robert Byrd, who actually was an active racist, is still treated like some kind of wise man by the Democrats and the media. Jesse Jackson, whose anti-Semitic statements are well known, is called upon to pass judgment on individuals who have a far better character than he. Let’s no cede the moral high ground to people who’ve never held it.