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Something Cool From Lost


Assuming by now that everyone has caught up on their TiVos, so I am
not spoiling anything. (If not, come on, people, get with it!) But
we all saw the octagonal Dharma logo on Desmond’s shirt and the food
in the storeroom that Kate found. (After wiggling — wiggling! — so
she could cut her ropes.) But e-mailer Joe said he saw the logo on
the tail on the shark that was menacing Sawyer! A little high-def
Tivoing, and I saw it, too. It’s not exactly the same as the Dharma
logo — the yin-yang symbol and name is replaced by a circle bisected
by a line. But it’s a logo, and as much Shark Week as I’ve seen, I’ve
never seen a shark with a logo. What the H?!


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