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Re: My Guess


Well, I wouldn’t drive a VW bus, or wear tie-dye
either. In fact, I pootle around Dallas in an 11-year-old blue Mercedes
sedan with a broken air-conditioner (and let me tell you, if you ever have
to drive from Dallas to south Louisiana in August without an air
conditioner…), and wear dull, sensible clothes. Except in my
air-conditioner-free car on long August roadtrips, which I drive either
naked or wearing a muu-muu sewn out of dryer softener sheets. The VW van
thing on the cover of my book is a joke. And honestly, is it really the case
that you don’t consider Chambers a conservative? The distinction you draw
seems to me to be pedantic. Anyway, this sensibility I’ve written about is
NOT about the clothes you wear or the car you drive … but we’ve talked
about this before. Besides, Jonah, how can you even bring up dialectics when
the Simpson-Lachey marriage has reportedly gone kaput?


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