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Progressive Miers?


This article “Miers espoused progressive views as elected official, record shows,” about Miers’ testimony in a 1990 voting rights lawsuit directly suggests that she would vote like O’Connor on affirmative action. Put that together with Miers’ reported advice on the Michigan Supreme Court case, and the feminist lecture series, and I think we begin to build up a substantive picture of her views. The most telling thing about this article may be Miers’ comment that she “wouldn’t belong to the Federalist Society” or other “politically charged” groups because they “seem to color your view one way or another.” From a conversation I’ve had with someone who knows Miers well, I think Miers statement on the Federalist Society reveals her true feelings, and not simply political caution. At least on the matter of racial preferences, Miers attitude seems to be that standing up for individual rights is “political,” while race preferences are somehow apolitical and safe. Increasingly, it looks as though we’ve got another O’Connor on our hands. I would love to be talked out of this. But the evidence mounts.


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