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What’s with all this Miers commentary when what we should be talking about on The Corner is – the fantastic offer available for NR’s acclaimed children’s books! For only $29.95 you’ll get three titles. The first is Volume Two of The National Review Treasury of Classic Children’s Literature – a big, critically acclaimed hardcover crammed with three dozen wholesome and beautifully written stories (and over a hundred illustrations!) by Twain, Kipling, Pyle, Burnett, Alcott, London, and other literary giants. The second is The National Review Treasury of Classic Bedtime Stories – another handsome hardcover featuring ten beloved Thornton Burgess tales (and 60 wondrous drawings by the great Harrison Cady) starring Reddy Fox, Buster Bear, Peter Rabbit, and numerous other delightful creatures who thrilled two generations of American children. This book is perfect for new readers, and its stories are ideal for entertaining the wee ones before they head off for sweet dreams). And the third book is Queen Zixi of Ix, or The Story of the Magic Cloak, by the renowned “Wizard of Oz” author L. Frank Baum (this fantastic and most-enjoyable tale is the one Baum considered his best!). Three gorgeous books. Over a thousand pages of real literature and stories that are wholesome, instructive, and entertaining. Ideal gifts for the upcoming holidays. And the cost of all this is only $29.95, which includes FREE shipping and handling. Order these great books now, right here.

We now return to our regularly scheduled maelstrom.