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Senator Graham


In response to my brilliant piece, “McCain’s Blunder,” Senator Lindsey Graham’s communication’s director writes, in part:

Saw your story and would be interested in how you explain Lindsey Graham’s support for Karen Williams, one of the most conservative judges on the nation’s most conservative appeals court (4th), for SCOTUS? I’ll be happy to send you some articles on this as he name was mentioned quite a bit in the week leading up to the Miers announcement.

ME: Well, I’m a big fan of Judge Williams. But this is irrelevant. Whether Graham supports conservative nominees is not the point. He and 6 other Republicans helped create a procedural obstacle to getting them confirmed by raising the bar for confirmation to 60 votes. While it’s true that the constitutional option could be triggered, thereby forcing a vote to change the Senate filibuster rule, it’s another hurdle the president would have to overcome. The overwhelming majority of Republican senators were prepared to take on this battle months ago, but Graham, McCain and others undermined them — and the president. Graham has helped to weaken the president’s appointment powers. And, I might add, he is now outspoken in his support for Harriet Miers.


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