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The whole Notre Dame nation is glued on the 89,000 Notre Dame Stadium today,
where the Fighting Irish (and Fighting Slovaks, etc.) welcome Southern Cal, in
another great game in a great football rivalry. Trouble is, this year So Cal
is stacked with supermen. Trouble for So Cal is, Notre Dame is a new Notre
Dame, tougher and Weiser. Charlie Weis has been Pete Carroll’s nemesis in pro
football for ten years, as Coach Carroll has been ND’s the last three years.
If tomorrow NRO nation wants to follow how the game came out, via a dozen or
more stories about the game, check in at And join millions
of others. Today the game starts at 3:30 EST on NBC.
Last night, there were 40,000 ND fans at the pep rally.
The Lord’s Prayer taught us to pray for “our daily bread,” a humble thing.
There will be a lot of prayers today. Not that ND fans think that God cares
which team will win. Only that, to borrow a line from Lou Holtz, we think His
Mother might.
There are a lot of contingencies in a football game, a lot of things no
players or coaches or referees control. The pigskin is even shaped to invite
crazy bounces, and funny tricks on grasping fingers. It leaves a lot of room for
Hail Marys to move around in.
Today, we don’t even care if the best team wins. Just that Notre Dame win.


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