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Jonah: How It Went Down


We’re working on a show where Jim has an enormous emotional explosion
and busts up his office (humorously) with a baseball bat.

Me: We could set up early in the story that Jim is an emotional
volcano. And (his wife) Cheryl is… (SEARCHES FOR WORDS) an
airborne volcano lancing laser.

Several people stare at me blankly.

Chris, the Beloved (formerly Annoying) Friend: Our ratings would spike
in the People Who Read the Corner demographic.

Several people stare at him blankly.

A writer: Are you two speaking some sort of Bush-lovers code?

Me: (CAUGHT) Yes.

I went on to explain and then defend the concept of lancing volcanoes
with lasers from the air. One woman seemed to think it could destroy
the Earth entirely. Another man said it wouldn’t work. I argued
vehemently that it couldn’t hurt, especially if it were tried in a
location nowhere near me.

I will have another chance next week when we shoot the scene.


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