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If You Didn’t Go to Dartmouth, Skip This


But if you did, mark October 23 on your calendar.

At 11:00 a.m. in Alumni Hall—we’re talking about next Sunday morning, the Sunday morning of Homecoming Weekend—a critical event will take place: the election of new officers of the Association of Alumni, the organization that represents all graduates of the College, Tuck, Thayer, and the Medical School.

New officers of the Association are elected each year, but this year the election is being contested.

One slate of candidates was nominated by the usual means, winning the approval of those who already hold positions in the Association of Alumni. The other slate was nominated by way of the petition process, earning the right to place their names on the ballot by obtaining signatures from their fellow alumni. This slate of petition candidates is committed to an explicit platform of reform.

According to their own website, the petition candidates intend to

*Amend the existing constitution to allow all alumni to vote in Association elections, whether they are physically in Hanover or not; restore the right of alumni to vote for the second term of alumni trustees (taken away from alumni in 1990 without notice); and insist the Administration accept budget transparency as offered at many other colleges.

*Preserve the current petition trustee electoral process, provide full disclosure of election results; oppose any change in the constitution that restricts alumni participation; give dissenting voices access to College publications.

*Support the preservation of Dartmouth as primarily a liberal arts college, with its resources concentrated toward achieving the highest level of undergraduate education.

Now that I’m a member of the Dartmouth board of trustees, I need to make it clear that in bringing this election to your attention I’m speaking purely for myself and not in any way whatsoever for the board. I likewise need to make clear that I’m not endorsing either slate. What I do endorse is the notion that Dartmouth alumni ought to participate in the governance of the College.

So please, consider both slates. Read the platform on which the petition slate is running. (As of this writing, the conventional slate has published no platform.) Then make up your mind, and—if you possibly can—get yourself to Hanover on October 23 to vote.


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