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Stem Cells


The NYT’s editorial today claims that current embryonic stem cell techniques are “proven.” This refers to embryonic stem cell research and therapeutic cloning. But these techniques, as treatment modalities, are anything BUT proven. ES cells, whether natural or cloned, can’t be used in humans because they cause tumors. The frequent assertion that ES cells “can become any tissue in the body,” is scientifically unsubstantiated because it hasn’t been done in experiments yet–and may never be. To be accurate, the modifier “in theory” would have to be added. Tissue rejection remains a difficulty, certainly when using cells derived from IVF embryos, but perhaps too using clones.

This is the same NYT that so often overlooks the advances in adult/umbilical cord blood stem cells that are slowly being proven in the science journals on an ongoing basis. Talk about looking at science through ideological lenses.


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