My Link to Washington

by Richard Brookhiser

This will work for half the people who read NRO. It even works for a
stay at home Gothamite like me. Take any current or reven recent GOP
congressman you have met. Say Peter King. Surely he has shaken hands
with Rodney Freylinghausen (R, NJ). Well, his family is a straight shot
back to Frederick Freylinghausen, who first went to Congress in 1778. I
am certain (though off hand I know of no specific occasion) that George
Washington would have met such a man.

Now the problem, for all of us, and even for Scott Fitzgerald (see
earlier posts): Washington was not a big handshaker. He was rather
reserved, especially while he was C-in-C and President. He did embrace
the officers who came to Fraucnes Tavern, but that was a moment of high
emoition. So perhaps the chain of handshakes ends in, “Your

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