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Hewitt Debate


Thanks much to Hugh Hewitt for having me on his show to debate the Miers nomination and affirmative action. Here’s the transcript from radioblogger. Hugh says he thinks conservative worries about Miers and affirmative action all stem from a single recent Washington Post article. I can’t agree. I’ve been worried about that issue for some time, based on a number of articles about Miers’ alliances and positions. Here’s one early example that I linked some time ago.

While we’re at it, here’s an article from the Biloxi Sun Herald in which conservatives express concern over Miers. And here’s an article where Miers’s liberal feminist backer, Louise Raggio, says that, abortion aside, there are many issues on which she agrees with Miers. Oh, and here’s a post from some time ago in which powerline concedes that Miers is on the wrong side of the affirmative action debate. This issue has been around for some time, and there’s more evidence for it than a single article. Then, of course, there’s today’s very important Washington Post article, excerpted on the Corner by Rich, which contains even more disturbing stuff.