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A couple of thoughts: 1) Every time I watch about the first ten minutes of Hardball, my eyes glaze over, and I’m paid to follow this stuff. The whole thing is very inside baseball, and I’m guessing the public appetite for this scandal is very low; 2) Losing Rove would be a very big deal. If only Libby is indicted, it is still a story, it is still a loss to the administration, but it has nowhere near the disruptive effect of a Rove indictment; 3) I believe after all the build-up, an indictment of only Libby would be a big let-down for the eager Fitzmas revelers, and will probably create a mini anti-Fitzgerald backlash among them; 4) Assuming no Rove indictment, assuming no unexpected blockbusters, the administration can weather this just fine, if it works to shift attention to its substantive agenda. The problem is that that agenda is more or less in tatters at the moment. That is a bigger threat to Bush than Fitzgerald–but it also is a problem that can be remedied. Making a better SC nomination is the start…